Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: La Sheera Lee of SBR Media

La Sheera Lee (BOTH CHARLOTTE & RALEIGH CONFERENCES) is a literary agent at SBR Media.

“The genres I prefer are Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance, Young Adult, Urban Lit, Erotica, Suspense/Thriller, Christian Fiction, & Women’s Lit. I may consider others outside of these to represent.”

Award-winning blogger, La Sheera Lee, M.Ed., is a wife, mother, educator, podcaster, moderator, literary event planner, and magazine contributor. She is on a mission to help others to see the beauty of their own voices.

La Sheera, also known for her savvy as a social media strategist and book influencer, loves to help people connect the dots. She utilizes the power of social media to inspire, inform, and educate on a global level.

She is also the founder of the artistic event Lights! Camera! Action! #LCA is an experience that integrates books and the arts into an interactive weekend. Readers, authors, and publishing experts converge to have a weekend that is literally one for the books.

You can also catch her FB Live (Cool Conversations with La Sheera Lee ) or Clubhouse (Cool Conversations Club), chatting it up with some of your favorite authors and industry professionals.

Your goals are too powerful to give up! Keep Shining!

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